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Cloud Platform

The greatest assets a business can have are its data and the insights that lie underneath. Enabled by data analytics and artificial intelligence, we can help your business to grow through tailor-made data strategies located in our cloud platform. We dive in and uncover actionable metrics that can increase your revenue or improve processes.

yeokianpeenCloud Platform
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Wireless Connectivity

Finding the right wireless connectivity solution is no trivial task as one has to consider various factors including wireless range, power consumption, data throughput  etc. We have solutions for different wireless protocols including WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, LORA, NB-IoT, Cellular, Sub-GHz radio, and can provide you with the best recommendations suited for you needs.

yeokianpeenWireless Connectivity
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Physical Devices

Data collection using sensors is the key fundamental component in the IOT chain. We have a whole collection of wireless sensor modules suited for various needs. And if one isn’t available for your application, our hardware design team will be able to design one for you.

yeokianpeenPhysical Devices
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