Our Expertise

Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is a core foundation of our company’s mission. To us, it is important that an inclusive product is easy to use for the young and old, abled or disabled. It involves understanding user diversity, to include and learn from as many people as possible, with a range of perspectives.

Our flagship product Knoctify which was co-designed together with the deaf community is a great example of inclusive design. It is a doorbell for the deaf, hard of hearing, elderly and anyone hearing.

We have designed products to support inclusion at home, at work and also for sports, and would love to work with social service or government agencies and also corporates who wants to support inclusion within their organization.

Wireless Sensors

Need to monitor or collect sensor data wirelessly? Or to control your devices remotely? We have years of experience in building wireless devices and infrastructures, and have solutions for various applications including home monitoring/automation, smart lighting control, retail, healthcare, security etc.

We have designed wireless devices that communicates over few kilometers or extremely low power wireless sensors that runs for years on regular alkaline batteries. We can even control hundreds of lights wirelessly at the same time!

We are familiar with the different wireless standards including WIFI, Bluetooth/BLE, Zigbee, LORA, Sub-GHz RF, NFC, GPRS/LTE/3G, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

With the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machines today can perform just as well if not better than humans in many task. At Embodied Sensing, as part of our research, we are exploring applications for AI in smart vision and smart hearing.

We  are looking into how AI powered cameras can recognize objects and provide useful information for a user. As an example, a wearable camera could help a blind person to recognize an item at the supermarket and provide more information from the cloud about its nutrition value. This information would be equally useful for a sighted person. Similarly, an AI powered smart microphone could help inform a deaf parent when the baby is crying. It could even tell from the crying sound if the baby is hungry or has wet his or her diapers.Similarly, such a system could be used by any parents, deaf or hearing.